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Striking the right note

The City of Joy is all geared up for news that’s music to the ears. The Shakhri Begum Memorial Trust, a foundation dedicated to the art of imparting the best in Hindusthani Classical Music Since 1999 is all set to launch its unique new initiative – The Fifth Note. Pioneered by Indian Classical Music doyen Ustad Rashid Khan, The Fifth Note TFN-GCE is the first of its kind endeavour to harness and identify musical talent as also to sculpt performance-ready musicians from those that choose to take advantage of this never-before opportunity. With the formal launch slated on November 13th , 2016, TFN-GCE is getting ready to provide a sneak peek to what’s in store in a precursor scheduled for the 5th and 6th of November, 2016.

At the core of the new initiative is an appeal to revive the purest form of Indian Classical Music. This takes its roots from the Gurukul Parampara where the Guru-Shishya bond was revered and accepted as the authentic and true essence of learning what is not merely music but an extension of life itself. As times have flown, music has become easier, accessible and unfortunately adulterated with too much convenience and gadgetry. We are in the times of picking up lyrics and sur off the internet and showing up in shows and hitting the stage without the firm foundation that the Gurukul was known for. And yet expectations have reached an all-time high, where parents spend fortunes on providing the best of facilities and children feeling the pressure of aspirations that include fame, success and fortune. It is in these times, that The Fifth Note Global Centre of Excellence can be change-maker, bringing fresh hope and replenishment in a time-starved society where talent is hidden in every nook and corner.

There is a constant dilemma for music, dance, acting, drama and many more students of today’s world should they learn from musician /Guru who is very well versed teacher, can devote a lot of time but not a frontline performer. Or should they learn from a frontline and celebrity performer- but who may not give continuous time. The break this jinx "TFN-GCE Master Class" has been designed.

Have you seen the Maestros speak of their training days, discuss how they learned! What Legendary gurus of the maestros used teach? This is your opportunity we in this “Master Class” bring to you your chance to know. It’s not about what you learn, it’s about what you experience. It’s a different world on its own which will teach you, mesmerize you & show a path to create a change in the thought process of your mind. The society will see the change Music, Dance, Acting; Drama…any art is not only a passion but also a professional passion.

We believe in one guru for lifetime. Gurus are the guidance in life to show the path and the pathfinder in life has to be one single preacher. We want your gurus to be associated with us & to walk with us. Let’s bridge the gap.